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Let me summarize how life has become even more difficult in the past 24 hours. First of all, Supermum lost her job yesterday. Just like that, my parents are both unemployed and we are uninsured come May. How can hard-working, honest, creative, energetic and thoughtful people be dismissed? What kind of mother-fucking, conservative, gun-toting jerks dismiss my mom, the most tolerant, easy-going person I know? I can't wrap my mind around it, so I'll leave it at that for now.
Secondly, I really like my nutritionist, but even I cannot fully appreciate one's expertise when one tells me that I cannot consume starches of any sort for a month. After that month of letting my stomach and other organs heal, I can try and see how much starch I can tolerate.
This is all too intense to dwell on right now, so I'm signing off. I usually wouldn't say something like this: but keep us in your thoughts.