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048 Fighting Anorexia – Crimes Against Clients.

In this episode of Fighting Anorexia, I talk about Crimes against Clients. I share my personal experience and those of my listeners and readers.

I go into the following points:

  • Weight

    There are many patients who experience not being helped because they are not underweight. People can starve themselves even if they are not underweight. It doesn’t mean that those who are underweight are more sick than those who are not. Everybody who eats disorder is in danger.

  • Age

    The perception that eating disorders can’t happen to older people is absolutely wrong. If your doctor doesn’t take care of you because you’re not a teenage girl, then see another physician. Everybody deserves to be treated, no matter the age.

  • Money

    It is so sad to see that people are still denied treatment because of their financial background. However, there are many ways to receive treatment. Don’t take no for an answer.

  • Not Being Taken Seriously

    I wasn’t taken seriously by  a few doctors, including my own father. I think physicians are still not educated enough to see the signs of eating disorders. If you feel like your therapist isn’t listening to you or is thinking you are making stuff up, then look for another one. You don’t have to be belittled. Your professional help should always be understanding and should take your feelings very seriously.

  • Being Ridiculed

    My therapist once laughed at me. Yes, he really did. That’s when I gave up on myself. Whatever you are experiencing, if you don’t completely trust your therapist or doctor or if you feel you cannot tell them what is really on your mind, then the therapy process will be extremely difficult. You should always be confident that your doctor has your back.

  • Gender

    As I shared in last week’s episode, men are treated especially bad because of the stigma surrounding eating disorders.

It is up to us to change the dialogue and make people aware of what it is they should and can expect from their physician. Don’t let them walk all over you. You are the one who needs help and you deserve to get it.

What crimes have you experienced in the past or maybe even the present?

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