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052 Fighting Anorexia – How To Unleash Your Inner Force

In this episode of Fighting Anorexia, I talk about unleashing your inner force in order to kick your eating disorder’s butt and being your own master again.

I remind you of the sheer force of nature you are and were since the day you were born. I make you realize your power and your accomplishments that started at a very, very young age (minute 0.1) and won’t stop until your life ends.

We go into the following points:

  1. Your force and your eating disorder’s force
  2. Become aware of YOUR force
  3. Believe in your own force
  4. Reclaim your force with daily affirmations
  5. Schedule one day a week where you do anything within your power to act against the force of your eating disorder
  6. Choose a mantra that underlines your own force: I am a warrior.
  7. Celebrate every single accomplishment of reinforcing your own force.

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