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21 day fix extreme: the plan and results

From the first day, the 21 day fix extreme was introduced, it started showing domination in the workout industry. And after a few months it really dominated then whole industry. People from athletic background love it and have been trying and getting output for sure. The plan makes you lose at least 15 lbs in just 21 days. It consist of 2 parts namely the 21 day fix extreme workout plan and 21 day fix extreme nutrition plan.


The diet and workout plan
The diet consists of several items for your proper calorie intake and you also get some containers when you buy the plan. The color codes on them ensure portion control. It ensures proper intake of fats and other deposits. There are six main components of the food that you are told to take. They include cheese, fats, protein, fruits, vegetable and carbohydrate. The containers ensure the perfect amount of each you eat. The size of the container varies on the amount of this item you take. Like the bigger ones for fruit and vegetable and smaller ones for fats and carbohydrates. You also follow some strict workout plan for your upper and lower body. These are only 30 minutes per day exercises but very tough ones. You also have a yoga workout for growth of flexibility and concentration.

The results
The results you get are really awesome. It depends upon your current weight and diet plan. You are surely going to notice reduction in fat deposits on the hips, thighs and waists in the told 21 days fix extreme challenge .You will also see an increased metabolic rate and due to the Yoga workout, your flexibility and concentration power is also going to increase to a new level. Your lifestyle and diet style also will be improved. You will also see some improvement in stamina and lengthening of muscles.