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83 Back to Recovery

So for the past few days I've been sitting in my resentments and feeling sorry for myself, and it hasn't felt that good.   It's amazing how I always get exactly what I need in an AA meeting.  Is that my Higher Power?  I went to my coffee commitment at a women's meeting I really love and we read step 5 in the twelve and twelve.  And I had just come from the gym where I had acted like an absolute maniac in reaction to some poor little girl being a bitch to me.  The alcoholic in me said, "You were just treated like crap. Don't be a push over.  Go back in there and give her a piece of your mind."  Well I did.  I think I just needed to blow off a little steam on some innocent bystander.  Sorry!

So Today I think I'm going to really do recovery.  12:15 meeting.  Evening meeting.  Weigh and measure my food.  Say my prayers.  Be a productive member of society again!  No messing around!