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A Bedtime Story

Once upon a time, a long time ago there was an amazing kingdom, a kingdom like no other. In this kingdom there was no such thing as calories, or fats, and as a matter of fact the word DIET didnt’ exist. A serving size was based on being hungry, and it stopped when you were full. Foods were never labeled bad…everything was good.

Food was celebrated! People appreciated what they put in their mouth. There was nothing fast about it, they savored it, they respected it, they valued the way it made them feel alive. Nobody based who they were off of what they had eaten for lunch, or judged somebody else because of what they had eaten for dinner. People didnt’ pass on dessert, or try to run off a cookie. Breakfast actually wasn’t the most important meal of the day, every meal was considered elite!

Because of this relationship with food, people loved who they were based on their acts and not on their looks. They didn’t base their value as a human being from the width of their hips or by what was on the tag on the inside of their jeans. Nobody associated themselves by what they were eating, but rather what they were doing, and because of this they were doing great things.

With food not being a priority they found they had time to enjoy the things the world had to offer. Eating Disorder Treatment facilities went out of business, and restaurants started to boom!

Food was an accent to the great thing they called life, and it left so much more room in their heads for creativity, desire, and their dreams…and because of this everybody lived happily and healthfully ever after.