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A Day in Eating Disorder Recovery at The Victorian

The Victorian Schedule
I remember most about my position as Support Staff at The Victorian was the busyness!
From morning recovery meetings to Process Group, Art Therapy to Yoga the women
were always busy with recovery. As Support Staff it was encouraging to see the
different faces group facilitators, instructors and counselors change; each
bringing their own compassion and expertise to the women’s recovery. 

is the most essential ingredient a rehabilitation center can offer. I have
discussed this with clients, support staff at other treatment facilities and
have read research in many addiction studies. All agree that structure is an
essential base for recovery. Structure is the opposite of addictive behavior.
Addictive behavior is triggered by impulses and irrational urges. The more
willing clients become to adhere to a healthy routine, the less amount of time
they have to indulge in harmful behaviors.

clients to engage in structure can be challenging. The addict brain repels any
sign of recovery and complains that a routine is too rigid or too lax.
Nevertheless we have seen Victorian alumni continue to embrace structure after
they leave our facility. They keep a calendar in their phone, a day planner,
set alarms and show responsibility and ownerships for their scheduled day. The
effectiveness in our schedule can not be better displayed than a client taking
accountability for her life. To see the Victorian Schedule please click HERE