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ALL THAT “GLITTERS” IS NOT “GOLD”| Media and Eating Disorders

Media and Eating Disorders
She is beautiful.
She is tan.
She has a flawless body.
She has a perfect nose; not too big; not too small.
She has eyes that are big and bright, almost catlike.
She has long black eyelashes, the kind that tickle your face when she kisses you.
She has big full red lips, plump and sexy.
She has silky, long, thick, shiny hair, and not one of them is out of place.
She has breasts that are perky, round, and sultry.
She has a flat stomach, not one single pooch.
She has a perfectly round ass, one you could bounce a quarter off the back of.
She doesn’t have one ounce of cellulite on her body, and never has.
She eats whatever she wants, whenever she wants.
She never has to workout.
She has a million friends and no enemies.
She has no problems.
She has no stress.
She never eats because she is sad or is sad because she eats.
She wakes up happy, and goes to bed content.
She…….is full of SHIT!!!
                           REALITY CHECK!!!
She is photo shopped.
She spray tans.
She is airbrushed.
She had rhinoplasty.
She wears contacts and had an eye lift.
She wears tons of mascara.
She had silicone lip injections.
She has 1,000 dollar hair extensions.
She had a boob job and is wearing a miracle bra.
She had a tummy tuck.
She is wearing padded underwear, she has no ass!
She has had 4 liposuction procedures.
She starves herself, then eats until she can’t stand up and vomits it all up.
She spends 5 hours at the gym 7 days a week.
She has  people who claim to be her friends but they all secretly hate her.
She is in debt, she hates her mother, and her father molested her.
She drinks vodka every night and has a hidden cocaine addiction.
She eats because she is sad and she is sad because she eats.
She wakes up depressed and goes to bed miserable.
She….needs HELP
There is HELP,  and there is HOPE! 1-800-841-1515

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