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The Death of Anorexic BarbieI’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world, and Ken wants nothing to do with me. Perhaps that’s because I am 6 feet tall, weigh about 100 pounds, am a size 4, and wear a size 3 shoe . It also probably had something to do with the fact that I can’t in all reality hold my neck or head up with those dimensions, and have to crawl around on all fours. It also could have had something to do with the fact that with that height and weight, I have such a low percentage of body fat, that  I don’t and probably never had gotten my period.  This of course means I am completely unable to produce any little barbie babies, and have the bones of a 84 year old woman. 
It also means that I seldom eat,throw up everything I do,  spend 8 hours on a little toy treadmill, and take dozens of very tiny pink plastic laxatives.  Hmmm?? it a wonder that the poor dude ran off with my much more normal and realistic looking friend Skipper, and left me to cry alone in my giant big Dream house were I hope there  is the number to a good therapist nearby.
Anorexic Barbie Doll

Eating Disorders and Media Influence

If you were like me, you played with Barbie dolls,and if you were like me, you never thought of that scenario above. Barbie was perfect, she had perfect skin, perfect hair, a perfect body, and we overlooked the fact that she walked on tip toes and couldn’t bend her arms in a downward position.
I can’t say that Barbie had much of anything to worry about, or did she?
I think Barbie should come out and admit that behind that pretty plastic smile, and those painted on eyes, that she was the unhappiest bitch on earth.
Bulimia Barbie
I think that if you looked in between the Malibu, the Rockstar, the Hollywood, the Homecoming Queen Barbie, you would see a very sad line of little dolls with tears streaming down their red and puffy, mascara under their eyes faces.
You would find Molested Barbie, Raped Barbie, Anorexic / Bulimic Barbie, Compulsive Barbie, Promiscuous Barbie, Drug addicted Barbie, Self-Harm Barbie, and all of them would live in the “Barbie Rehab DreamHouse”.
That’s the reality that we as a society and as a planet,which I don’t think we are not so much denying it as we are admitting it.
                                                              Cigarette Barbie

 The Death of Anorexic Barbie                                                                  

We are failing as a society to promote healthy body image, and it may be costing us our future generation.
I was a little girl who grew with Barbie as a roll model. I don’t blame her for giving me an eating disorder,  but I  do blame her for failing to represent reality.
                                                           Tiny Pink Coffin                             
I personally think that if the world image of what is Beautiful gets any “thinner”, then we may just all disappear. We all deserve a space in this world, and it shouldn’t be 11.5″ inches and fit inside the dimensions of a plastic box. So how do we look for the “INSPIRATION”, and leave the “THINSPIRATION”on the shelf?..stay tuned!

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