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Are free Online Movie Sites here to stay?

Sometime in the mid 2000s, internet users got a taste of what it would be like to be able to download material of their preferences from the internet. What was then a series of tentative endeavours has long since emerged as a defining trend of online entertainment where more people each day are ditching movie theatres and DVD stores for the comfort of their homes.

In the past only a few people would opt for a movie or TV show viewing at Putlocker because they were the experimental types. But with web pages being crowded with unsightly ads and pop ups, and the movie itself buffering after every few scenes or stopping to play altogether, the movement which seemed to have been gaining momentum fizzled out.
The movement of watching free movies online resurfaced with renewed vigour a little after 2007 with broadband connections replacing old world connections. Not only did a typical broadband help to download things faster, with a little bit of research, inquisitive users were also able to figure out how to enhance the online viewing experience.
Barring connectivity reasons, the cult of watching movies and TV shows online is soon becoming a hotspot because viewers can not only browse for titles of their choice, but they can also go through a detailed account of, let’s say, a movie’s cast and crew, its synopsis, reviews and occasionally the movie rating as per IMDB. As a complete antithesis to the movie going experience where one can’t do much if they didn’t like the movie, online viewings allowed users to abandon a movie midway as they didn’t have to see it because they had paid for it.

The collection on these websites is awesome and some smart players like Putlocker cleverly stock up the newest titles and entries into the entertainment market. While some may argue that watching a movie online isn’t the real thing, those that have gotten hooked to it know that they aren’t missing out on anything that a movie outing has to offer.