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Basic contrast between a small cigar and a cigarette

Cigars have become a fashion these days among the common people. Many are trying to enjoy different kinds of cigars at one time or the other. Whatever may be the taste of the Cigar, it is always advised to the people to get some good information regarding the cigars before actually purchasing it. There are various kinds of cigars that are sometimes compared to the cigarettes as well. These cigars are basically termed as “small cigars” or the little ones. The size and shape of these cigars are sometimes similar to the cigarettes hence the people confuse it to be cigarettes however there is some unique contrast between these two categories which we will be discussing further.


The first basic difference between the small cigarand the cigarette is the color contrast of the both. The cigar has got a brownish kind of color however the cigarette that is available is usually white in color. If you find a person giving you cigars that has white color then you should avoid that shop as it is not a cigar rather a cigarette. The second difference between the two is the wrapping up of the tobacco that is present inside. In case of the small cigars, the wrapping is done with the help of leaf that is made up of tobacco or with a paper that consists tobacco which gives the brown color to the cigar however in case of cigarette the whole tobacco content is wrapped up in a simple white paper without any tobacco content in it which is the white color that is seen by any person.

Apart from the above difference there are whole lots of differences available which can be found in the internet however the above are the basic differences that one should check while purchasing cigars.