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Be a part of enjoyable travel with Easybook

Are you wants to travel from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur in a bus. All the process of booking, paying and traveling is easy when you choose to go with Easybook ticket. Now you are free from making a line to book ticket and wait there until your turn comes. Use the Easybook app in your mobile and confirm your seat in 2 minutes. Normal coaches, express bus, express coach with 1st class AC all varieties of buses work with Easybook to offer the required service to their customer. Price is different from bus to bus according to the facilities given in that particular bus.

While you travel from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur your language will go under scan and it will receive a stamp for Kuala Lumpur after that your luggage will be loaded to the bus and you will start your journey. It is very safe to travel in these buses. If you want extra service like AC and Wi-Fi then you can book on AC coaches it is more comfortable to travel in AC buses. Normal AC coach and 1st class AC is available. Seats of these luxury buses are very comfortable to travel with. You will not know how the travel has come to end.

If you want a smooth travel cheaply and comfortably choose the bus. Verities of buses are going to various destinations. May be you are traveling from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur or to any destination it is sure that you will get a bus to travel. Easybook also offers various discounts to its regular traveler as well as who travel for the first time. The service is appreciable and committed service is offered to all customers. Book your ticket using the secure transaction site and travel any distance happily alone or with your family.