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Be Great

Writing is something that cannot be forced.  For the past couple of weeks I have felt dry.  My mind hasn’t been able to string two sentences together.  Not that my life has been bad or that I am feeling depressed, my words just weren’t stringing together.  Almost like I was stuck on repeat.  Today I feel good.  I feel excited.  I feel strong.  I am ready to take on new challenges and take the next step.

I am not talking about my eating disorder either.  I am ready to take on the next step in MY life.  I finally feel passionate about something again and as outwardly silly as it may sound, it is coffee.  I am a barista at a local coffee shop and it invigorates me.  I love my job, love learning about the components, flavors, and textures of coffee, and love the people I work with and my customers.  It is everything I could have hoped for and more. And perhaps soon it will be more than just a job.


This is more than just a latte art tulip.  It represents life beyond anorexia.

For years I have battled allowing myself to be happy and excited for ME.  I am always able to give another person praise, but giving myself praise is another issue entirely.  Complimenting myself was out of the question.  I was retched, not good enough, and could always do better.  Here I am to say that while I am not perfect, 100%, or the best; I am great.  Just like you are.  Whoever you are and wherever you are at; you are great.

As a barista I take care with my drinks, take an interest in my customers, and strive to make the store function at top notch.  I am great.  

As a husband I love my wife completely, I help out with chores around the house, I clean the cat litter, I hug my wife, and kiss her goodbye. I am great.

As a student I do my homework, complete my quizzes, attend my intership, and have learned not to overextend myself.  I am great.

As a friend I listen to others, accept criticism, help out when needed, have fun, laugh, and enjoy the moment.  I am great.

The reason I am great is because I can accept myself.  This may sound conceited but it isn’t…or maybe it is.  Personally, I think we all need to be a little conceited.  We all need to believe in ourselves and know that who we are, as a person, is great.  You were given certain gifts, talents, likes, and dislikes for a reason and you need to accept those as who you are and know that is what makes you great.

Greatness is accepting yourself for who you are and living each day as yourself, for yourself.

Accept your struggles, embrace your strengths, share your sorrows, and rejoice in your successes.  It is okay to love yourself, It is necessary to love others, and it is encouraged to share the peace.

Take a Leap today and find your excitement.  Find out what makes you who you are and embrace it, nurture it, and allow it to form into something big.  Be Nike and “Just do it.”