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Best makeup for the hazel eyes

Hazel eyes are considered the most beautiful eyes in the world. So, to be honest they are not that easy to acquire. If you have it, then take yourself to be very lucky because you have the option of several kinds of makeup’s that you can put up. So today let’s have a discussion on makeup for hazel eyes.


How to bring the brown elements out?
For bringing out the brown elements you need to choose the golden or gold shades. If you apply the earthy shades, then be sure that the brown accent is going to be revealed and that gives a denser and deeper look. Trying out the shades in layers is going to give your eyes a larger look, means the eyes are going to look larger. This can be done by picking the eye shadow in layers, or choosing the palette which have several layers to apply. Use of a mediocre tone, something like the light brown over the crease of the eyes will do the job. For the second layer have a lighter color and mix it with the deepest of the layers. Do it for four layers and now you can mix all the four to remove the errors.

How to bring the green elements out?
If you are not comfortable with the brown one, you have the green as an option. Just try to choose a forest green palette. If you are having trouble to find the perfect green then you may try mixing of the brown and green to give a earthy look and too will be a nice option. Also use the eye shadows in layers. Use the tawny green over the crease and then apply layers of hunter green and then apply second green layer that is a bit lighter like atop green and proceed similarly like the brown one.

These two styles are going to give you a very beautiful look. These are one of the best makeup for hazel eyes that are known.