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Blow Drying tips to style your hair

Using a blow dryer is not often chosen by women to style their hair. Mostly women get up, take bath, and give a quick blow dryer to dry their hair. There is much more than just drying your hair, can offer great style and look without much efforts.


Protect your hair

Protecting your hair is the most important aspect while using a hair dryer. Always apply heat protecting spray before styling your hair through heat blow dryer. If you will not apply heat protecting cream or spray, can damage your hair badly.

Go for an Ionic Hair Dryer

Selecting a right hair dryer will help you to achieve your type of styling while protecting your hair from damage. Below are following benefits of the correct hair dryer:
• Provides smoother hair
• make hair less frizzy
• remove water faster without damaging hair
• provides a sleek look

Use blow dryer to create volume

Creating volume to your hair can be done through blow dryer by simply applying some mousse to your hair and work it throughout. Use a round brush to wrap hair in small portions while applying dryer. This will provide expected volume to your hair roots. You can even go to lionesse beauty bar to get desired volume of your hair.

Start with clean hair

Always use hair dryer on clean hair to achieve expected styling. Assure to get two- three times shower before opting for dryer. Also check for the products you use such as brushes. This will offer you a cleaner and sleeker look.

Make section while styling
Using small hair clips to section your hair during hair drying will provide complete hair dryer. If you have long hairs, you should use cloth hair elastic to protect those areas which are dry. Proper drying will provide expected styling without damaging your hair.

Maintain the style
After spending a lot of efforts in styling your hair, keep that style for few days. You should use dry shampoo to refresh the matte look and try to sleep losing your ponytail.