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Busy Bee

I don't have anything profound to say on the eating disorder front, just an update to tide me over until I have time to think, and therefore write, over spring break. I'm busy chipping away at my AmeriCorps hours and putting in time at Old Navy. At many points over the past year a hectic schedule has been overwhelming and triggering, but I'm proud to report that I find myself to be coping really well right now. I'm certainly looking forward to spring break (yay - time without elementary schoolers!), but I also go to work excited each day and ready to take on whatever challenges present themselves (whether it be a first grader's meltdown or a fitting room with a four foot pile of unfolded clothes).
Yesterday it was nearly fifty degrees heres and I ran home from work at Old Navy (a beautiful 5.5 miles or so), so today is my day off from exercise. ED is not pleased to say the least, but given how busy I've been, it's easy to ignore him.