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Cabin Tent

montana canvas is a wall tent or Cabin tent which has been used from generation to generation now. This tent comes in various sizes and the cost varies accordingly. It is the best choice to experience a stress free outing. The tent is very durable and can be reused for years. The materials used to build the tent are of highest quality and perfect workmanship.


There are certain factors that should be considered while choosing a tent. A few are:
1. A tent should be bought with a fly. A fly protects the tent from moisture leak and wicking. The fly also protects the tent from UV rays too and sparks from the stove. The fly maintains a space between the fly and roof which maintains a insulation and keeps the tent warmer.
2. A tent should have a window or back door which will ventilate the tent and maintain the temperature balance both side of the tent.
3. Always a larger size tent should be preferred than a smaller one if the members are more. That way there will be enough room for the members and luggage.
4. A zippered door should be preferred over a tie door. As it will not let the cold air in.
5. The canvas roll varies, so it is not mandatory that the size ordered is the size received. The size may differ from 2”-3”. The final size is known as “Finish size”. Montana Canvas tents vary within 1” only.
6. The height of the wall may also differ, so while ordering the height of roof from the ground should be noted.

Montana Canvas has a lot of unique features which makes it the first choice for the hunters, pioneers, miners and trappers. It also has some additional features like bow/gun rack, storage pouch, etc which is generally not found in other wall tents.