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Christmas Gifts for Women in Eating Disorder Recovery

For those who have a family member with an eating disorder
you know that just talking about ‘thee’ eating disorder can be challenging.
Never the less, trying to purchase a gift for someone in recovery can be a
tight rope of difficulty. Therefore your favorite eating disorder recovery blogis here to help!


While working as Support Staff I found it inspiring how many
women wanted to wear T-Shirts, bracelet’s and even get tatoos’s symbolizing their
eating disorder recovery. The very disease that they once hid under lock, key
and piles of lies was now a badge of honor to share their own struggle and hope
with others. What better way to celebrate that honor than to give a gift that ‘gives
back to eating disorder recovery’?!?!

I have compiled a list of some very artsy, cool and legit
products that either a.) Stand for eating disorder recover and/ or b.) Donate a
portion of the proceeds of the gift to eating disorder prevention or recovery.
Check out the goods here!

Happy Recovery (and Holiday Shopping!)



Let Them Eat Cake Tee

This top is part
of the My Body ROCKS Collection.

$5 is donated to
benefit eating disorder awareness.

Let them eat cake tee


Rewrite Beautiful T-Shirt 

This is one very sweet T-Shirt for eating disorder prevention! For one thing, It's a reversible image that the person wearing can see when looking in the mirror. The words 'Rewrite Beautiful' are across the front reminding the person wearing it that it is up to each and everyone of us to 'Rewrite' what we call 'Beautiful'. American Apparel, gray T-Shirt benefits eating disorder prevention through Street Art Workshops held by the non-profit Rewrite Beautiful.

Rewrite Beautiful T-Shirt

Dragon Fly Necklace

Dragonflies symbolize
strength, courage, happiness and moving past self-created illusions and so much
more! If you would like to honor someone you know that battles a
disease/disorder or would like to display a beautiful, meaningful and yet
discreet badge of your courage and strength, this necklace is for you! Because
this Necklace features a Dragonfly, 10% of the purchase price will be donated
to NEDA to support and honor Eating Disorder Recovery and Awareness.

Dragonfly necklace by Jess


Dragonfly Bracelet

This is a hemp macrame bracelet made to show awareness of
eating disorders. Whether you are suffering, recovering, recovered or know
someone who has, this is a great piece for you. It is made from hemp
string and decorated with a metal dragonfly charm and purple and red glass
beads. Red symbolizes anorexia and purple symbolizes bulimia. The dragonfly
represents both. 

Dragonfly bracelet


 Anorexia + Bulimia Bracelet

Our blue
awareness bracelet features 3 brilliant strands of bright blue lapis lazuli,
freshwater pearls, and silver plated beads. Bracelet measures approx 7"
and has an adjustable clasp. Silver plated awareness charm measures 1/2"
from top to bottom.

Anorexia and Bulimia Bracelet


Believe Bracelet

Our blue awareness bracelet features a caged 6mm cobalt blue
fiber optic cat's eye bead and silver plated charm (measures 12x23mm). The
charm is stamped with your choice of 'Hope', 'Faith', or 'Believe' on both
sides. Silver plated double link chain, each link is 9x6mm. Adjustable clasp
(silver lobster claw) can extend bracelet to 8". Please specify which
charm you would like at checkout, 'Hope', 'Faith', or 'Believe'.

Believe Bracelet by Michelle Miller


 Lip Conditioner

I was approached by an amazing, smart, kind, beautiful girl named Nikki to create a lip conditioner inspired by a very serious epidemic that she is facing. The complete story & idea was written & inspired by Nikki & her loving dog named Javo (they are in the artwork). Please, see below... 'Princess Nikki & Her Hero Javo the Dog'

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who could only see ugliness and fat when she looked in the mirror even though she was thin. She would lock herself in the highest castle tower and obsess over how thick every part of her body was. She would cry every night. Then one day, a stray dog came to the tower base and whined and whined until she came down. The dog gave her big sloppy kisses and told her she was the most beautiful girl in the world and that she should eat because he would be very lonely if she were gone. They became the best of friends, helping each other along in the journey of life and never leaving one another's side. (an edited version of this story appears on the lip conditioner label)

Lip Conditioner by Ella Dean


She Decided She was Worth it, Magnet

I can't think of a better lift-yourself-up, confidence-boosting, you-go-girl saying than this one. I want to scream it from the rooftops to myself when I'm feeling crappoo. "You're worth it!" Not worth it like buying a car I can't afford, or spending money on stuff I don't need (ewww, like jewelry?), but worth loving myself. Worth knowing that I'm okay, I'm doing my best and Im' not such a bad person, anyway! That kind of worth it! 

She Decided She was Worth It


Mosaic Scale

Made to order “Perfect” scale. You pick the colors for glass, bottom and leg finishes. See pictures for option examples from past works. The listing price is the base price. The final price for your special order scale, will depend on the completed mosaic.

Mosaic Scale


Rewrite Beautiful Bracelet             

Keep the message going that beauty is found in your actions! Creative + Kind + Strong = Beautiful!                                            

RB Bracelets 2