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Creative Meditation for Eating Disorders

Katia Zhukova

This particular Creative Meditation can be implemented by a leader of a group or led by the clients themselves. What we have the eating disorder clients do is the following exercise:

  • Imagine a behavior you would like to change.
  • Visualize it is in a magical crystal where its future unfolds. For example, if you have an eating disorder picture yourself continuing with your eating disorder.
  • While participating in this behavior  imagine how you will change over the years.
  • Now, look into the second crystal.  Imagine yourself abstinent of your eating disorder.
  • If you choose the path of recovery, the first part of the road will be rough.
  • Yet later a life abstinent of an eating disorder will prove more rewarding. 


The purpose of the meditation is to imagine the future with the eating disorder. Imagine what life would look like with it and without it. Over the long run, which is an easier path to follow? This simple mediation has proven to give our clients great insight into their lives and their future.