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Crossy Road Characters


Crossy Road is a unique mobile game and for many reasons. One reason is because the developers give away their own crossy road cheats to give everyone a chance to get free coins, another is because they aren’t like the many other free mobile games and don’t have a bunch of ads basically begging to the user to make a in app purchase. Crossy road does offer in app purchases, but they aren’t pesky and the choice is really on the user whether he want to purchase anything or not. Purchases aren’t necessary, but people often do it to show support for the game they obviously love to play (based on the response the game has gotten thus far).

Crossy Road is a unique game in another way. In crossy road, you can have the chance to play the game with over 50 unique characters. No, the amount of characters isn’t what makes the game unique (even though that is a lot of characters for a game, especially a mobile one at that),whats unique about this is that with every character, the game play is slightly different than the previous character. Each character in Crossy Road is unlocked by earning a certain amount of coins. With each character comes a slight different experience and game theme. For example, if you play with the Baby Duck character, your game play will feature the environment of a duck.

If you play with the Poopy Pigeon character, you’ll get to experience crossy roads as a urban city theme. The many themes are cool and I recommend you use the crossy road cheats to unlock all of the characters, they are each cool in their own way I might add.