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CRYSTAL plus RENN toned BODY curvy IMAGE skinny

It’s been almost a year now since I read Hungry by Crystal Renn (and wrote a blog post about it here which has my favourite quote from the book) and identified with it despite not being a model, plus size or otherwise, or suffering with Anorexia.

I’ve been keeping an eye on Crystal Renn’s weight loss, more out of a concern than anything. I’m not so focused on plus size women anymore, although they are beautiful, don’t get me wrong – I can now see the beauty in any body size and shape. Plus size, skinny, curvy, muscular, sporty, toned, you name it, whatever your body size or shape, its gorgeous. So I want to celebrate diversity.

As well as loving Crystal Renn’s body, especially in this picture, I love her attitude. Going from Anorexic to a healthy BMI is an incredible achievement, but getting to be a bigger size and loving her body enough to show it to the world is incomprehensible to me. This woman is brave. And so whilst I look at her body and appreciate it and want it for myself, I also look at her struggles and I can relate. To the obsession about food and weight, to being plus sized.

Do you have an opinion about Crystal Renn? How do you think she looks in this picture?

Hayley Emma