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Day 72

Today I immersed myself in recovery.  And I can see that I am changing.  When my head gets loud, I call my sponsor and she always tells me to do the same thing.  "Call three alcoholic women, pray, and get into service".  And I usually do what she says and sometimes everything seems to fall into place by mistake.  Often times I intend to exert my self will, but God has other plans and I find I have unintentionally followed my sponsor's direction anyway.  But that's the way things work, and maybe sometimes, that's the way AA works I guess.  When we don't expect it.

Today I was surrounded by women my age.  A group of beautiful, sober women.  And I felt I fit in.  I felt confident.  When my head began to tell me that I was not pretty enough or that they would not want to continue talking to me because of my current situation, I got out of my head and took some action.  And I said to my head "Thanks for sharing, but I'm not listening to you today."