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Day 73...A Change In Perspective

I feel significantly better.  Went to an amazing meeting and feel very grateful to be sober.  I have a world of oppurtunities ahead of me, and I look forward to what tomorrow will bring.

Today was, for the most part, kind of a down day.  And I've been having really great days as the result of working a really good program and forcing myself to do a lot of things I haven't wanted to do that I've been assured would have positive results (and they have)...It felt weird to have a bad day as the result of choosing to sit in my crap rather than take action because I haven't chosen inaction in a really long time.  Whenever I've felt terrible these past 73 days, it's usually been a direct result of someone saying or doing something directly to me that I've internalized in a negative way-it has not been the result of me not doing enough for my recovery, so I actually haven't felt terrible for that long or very often this time around.

I guess this is a learning experience.  Tomorrow I will just do my best to do everything I can for my recovery, because I am beginning to see that without my recovery I don't have very much.