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Day 75

Today was a great day.  I was busy all day.  Not too much time to think... And when I did start thinking, I picked up the phone.

Reaching out and being honest about my feelings has been the hardest but one of the most rewarding tools of this program.  And I've done this very thoroughly because, often times, my thoughts have become overwhelming.  And what I've learned is this.  In recovery, no matter what we say to someone about how we're feeling, that person will not tell us it is not ok to feel that way.  Many times, they will say, "Yeah...I know.  That is exactly how I felt when I first started coming around.  And the good news-it gets better."  Today, I called my friend Lauren and told her that I had a weird day and she said probably what many people would say, "You know.  You're not unique.  You're just another bozo on the bus"...and I love that saying but in no way did I ever think it applied to ME!