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Eating Disorder Recovery in Seattle, Washington

Jessica Illustration via
Jessica Illustration via

When preparing our clients to transition from our step down facility, Patrice House back to their homes we help them carve out a recovery maintenance plan. One of the resources we suggest our clients reach out to is Overeaters Anonymous (OA.) OA is a fantastic, long standing, reputable support group for various eating disorders (including anorexia, bulimia and compulsive over eating.) Meetings in OA vary from area to area, but the advantage of a support group in Overeaters Anonymous is the focus the groups have on the physical, mental and spiritual restoration of its members. As well as the flexibility to create a group that best serves the needs of it’s members. For instance, if a group comes together and would like to make a 2 hour meeting a 1 hour meeting to better serve it’s population it can do that. As well, if a meeting has a predominant amount of Anorexics and Bulimics it can also change the meeting to best serve that population.  Of course all changes to meeting formats must be abiding by the the 12 traditions of OA.

Currently, we have quite a few clients who are from the Seattle area and will soon be retuning home. If you live in the Seattle, WA area there is a variety of meeting available to you:  

Overeaters Anonymous Meetings

Sunday/ OA H.O.W / 5:30 PM / St Paul's United Church Of Christ              

Sunday / BIG BOOK / 7:00 PM / Seaview Methodist Church

Sunday / TRADITIONAL MEETING/ 7:00 PM / Samaritan Center Of Puget Sound

Monday / OA Steps Traditions Study 10:00 AM / St John United Lutheran Church /

Monday / NEWCOMER / 7:00 PM / Columbia City Church of Hope            

Monday / LITERATURE STUDY / 7:00 PM/ University Christian Church                     

Tuesday / TRADITIONAL MEETING/ 7:00 PM / North Seattle Alliance Church

Tuesday / TRADITIONAL MEETING/ 7:00 PM /  Seaview Methodist Church           

Tuesday / MEDITATION/ 12:00 PM / University Christian Church               

Wedn. / AA 12 + 12 / 09:00 AM / St Paul's United Church Of Christ

Wedn. / GAY LESBIAN TRANS./ 6:00 PM / Capitol Hill Alano Club     

Wedn./ LITERATURE STUDY / 7:00 PM / University Christian Church             

Thursday / BIG BOOK / 10:00 AM / St. Paul United Church of Christ                         

Thursday / TRADITIONAL/ 7:00 PM / Olympic View Community             

Thursday / TRADITIONAL/ 12:15 PM / Downtown YMCA 

Thursday/ MEDITATION / 07:00 PM / Peace Lutheran Church                     

Friday / TRADITONAL /  7:00 AM / Recovery Cafe

Friday/ TRADITIONAL / 12:15 PM / University Christian Church               

Friday / MEDITATION / 07:00 PM / St Therese Parish House        

Friday / TRADITIONAL /  7:00 PM / Denny Park                               

Saturday / TRADITIONAL / 10:00 AM / West Seattle Seaview Methodist         

Saturday / TRADITIONAL /  10:00 AM / St Pauls United Church Of Christ             

Sunday/ TRADITIONAL / 9:00 AM / Capital Hill Group Health Hospital

Saturday / TRADITIONAL /  10:00 AM / University Christian Church


In addition, Seattle has a book store dedicated to 12 Step recovery. Unity on Union Book Store offers books, recovery gifts, guest speakers and 12 step meetings. The meeting schedule is below:

Unity on Union Bookstore

2420 East Union Street

Seattle, WA 98122

(206) 687-7873     

Sunday  / CLOSED  / Available to host meetings.

Monday /  CLOSED / Available to host meetings.

Tuesday / ALANON  / 7 PM– 8 PM / Contact : Nicole (206) 718-1598

Wednesday / H.O.W.-  AA / 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM / Contact: Steve (206) 380-2318

Thursday / SPIRITUAL FITNESS – WOMENS AA / Contact: Houston (206) 280-5645

Friday / RECOVERY IN PROGRESS – AA / Contact: Jeff (206) 605-5256

Saturday / BIG BOOK STUDY  - AA/ Contact: Bruce (214) 336-2339


If you live in the Seattle, Washington area be encouraged! There is a recovery community excited to join you on the road to recovery.