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There was a time believe it not when MTV aired music videos, and not programs about teenagers who were conceiving.  As a matter of fact when I was growing up the show would not be called 16 and pregnant, but “Oh my god, my life is screwed.”
Today however it’s just considered normal. Our younger generation has completely lost its innocence. There seems to be no childhoods anymore, just very early adulthood.
The pressure to be thin and beautiful is now being pounded into the heads and shoved into the faces of our little girls and boys.
Forget girl-scouts, sleep overs, and Friday night dances. Say hello to low body image,low self-esteem, and full blown anorexia and bulimia.
It just makes me sick how many calls I get from parents looking to get treatment for their daughters who are between the ages of 10 and 17.
At those ages you shouldn’t be even worrying about diets, fat cells, and designer sizes. However it can not help but be noticed how many children and teenagers are developing eating disorders.
Nearly half of this nation’s little girls are unhappy with their bodies. It has been recently reported by the Centers for disease control, that ten out of every hundred American girls have eating disorders, and more than 50 percent of today’s teenagers are on diets or using some sort of unhealthy ways to control their weight.
Who can blame them, just look at what they are up against.
Society has nobody to blame but themselves. Thin and beautiful is plastered, stamped, and tattooed on every single magazine cover. Air brushed models and actresses all promoting to the world that in order to be successful in this world you have to weigh a size 2.
Little girls are growing up in a world where a woman isn’t noticed for what she can do, but more of what she weighs.
We have stopped teaching them to be individuals, and more of how to go with the mainstream.
Unfortunately I relate all to well. I myself was raised in a household that focused on the body and not the brains. I was dieting by the age of 13 and can’t name a year after that I wasn’t obsessed with numbers on the scale and tags on the inside of my jeans.
Teenage girls are the most vulnerable, and the rules and regulations older woman have created for themselves have seeped it’s way slowly into the minds of our adolescents.
Little girls come in all shapes and sizes and if they are not the size that has been deemed acceptable by what they see on a billboard, it will severely start to effect their sense of self and inner worth.
This epidemic is spreading like wildfire, and I certainly see no action being taken by reality TV shows, the red carpet, or the runway.
Turn on the TV and you enter into a world of Botox, lip injections, tummy tucks, and breast augmentation.
Little girls are being taught that if they don’t like something about their bodies, it an be nipped, tucked, sucked, or plucked.
Little girls no longer want to be doctors or lawyers, they want to be that girl in the reality TV show who looks like Malibu Barbie.
Girls are very observant of their mothers, and if their mothers start acting crazy with their weight and food, chances are their daughters will too.
I am sorry to say that if we don’t start teaching little girls not to play with matches, they are going to start a full blown fire.
Teach them that it’s not about what you look like but who you are, and it’s not about who you aspire to look like but who you aspire to be. Its all about making a difference, and not making an appearance. It’s about letting little girls be little girls, and teaching them there will be plenty of time to be a woman.


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