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Eating Disorders Treatment Relaxation TipsWhen was the last time you were truly alone?  A time where there was absolutely no distraction? I’m talking no Iphones, No Ipads, no facebook, twitter, or texts.

I bet unless you live under a rock somewhere, or are in solitary confinement, it would be hard for you to imagine.

I always have a bad habit of aging myself, but I seriously remember a time where if I wanted to talk to somebody I had to pick up a phone and dial..In a circular motion thank you…and if they weren’t home I had to hang up.

I know, prehistoric right?

If I wanted to listen to some tunes, I had to get out my Walkman and click a Depeche Mode cassette in there!

I sometimes wonder WTF did I do with all my time back then? I must have been friggin bored out of my mind.Your blackberry can hinder eating disorders treatment

Well I actually think that if I were to find the Professor and a Delorian, and go back to lets say 1982, I, and most people around me, would be a little less stressed, a little less late for work, and a little less insomniac.

I have been a witness to the huge gash technology has put on the human race. As much as I respect the Steve Jobs, the Mark Zuckerbergs, and the Bill Gates of this world, I kinda wish that we could all just chill for a day.

I think that we are so distracted with Keeping up with the Kardashians that we are failing to keep up with ourselves.

We are so up in everybody’s business, and we are so addicted to our blackberries that we are failing to see what’s really going on around us.

I guarantee you most people look at a computer screen and the window of a phone then they do the flowers in their garden or the leaves on a tree.

We have taken so much for granted, due to our constant and excessive need to be nosy. We aren’t satisfied if we are not in constant communication with everybody else.

I myself admit to being a technology addict. I probably have spent more time on Facebook, Twitter, emails, and my “Crackberry” then I have blinking my eyes.

I have lost gazillions of hours of sleep due to the ”Jackie Chan movie on Crack” that is running through my head. I am constantly late to everything because I am either texting somebody, emailing them, or twittering away.

We live in a society that is effing scary. When you can take pictures from space, spy on somebody through a teddy bear, or have sex with them over a computer, you gotta think..what’s next.

I truly have to blame a lot of this on my stress level, which leads to me not taking care of myself.

I m not pointing the finger and accusing a computer of making me drop a few pounds, or develop an ulcer, but I am saying it has a part in that play.

I had to sit back the other day and examine all the time I devote to this stuff, and all the time I don’t devote to me.

So I have decided to declare one day a week my national “I don’t give a F*** day. I turn off my phone, shut my computer off, and do something constructive. I live 2 minutes away from the beach, I have bike trails, yummy restaurants, and plenty of people to meet.

I love my job and love what I do, and I couldn’t do any of it without my laptop.

I m giving myself and all of you permission to put yourself on a time out once and awhile. Time to take a  few hours to yourself or even a whole day to Chillax.


I’m promise you, it’s like opening a window to your brain and letting all the fresh air in. It honestly keeps your brain from suffocating on all the chaos of this thing we call life.


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