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Following Treatment in an Eating Disorder Program Demi Lovato Produces Documentary

Demi Lovato in an eating disorder programMTV recently premiered a new documentary entitled “Demi Lovato: Stay Storng.” The documentary takes a candid look at the 19-year-old singer/actresses battle with eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia and other mental health disorders. The show details Lovato’s recovery process including her stay in an eating disorders treatment program.

While appearing on the Today Show, Ms. Lovato revealed her reasons for making such a frank and sincere documentary. “I’ve decided to tell my story because there are a lot of young teens, girls and boys, that are dealing with the same issues that I’ve been through,” she told the Today Show’s Ann Curry. “If I’m able to use my voice to do good in the world then I definitely want to do that.”

Miss Lovato’s candidness is refreshing when so many young stars go out of their way to sweep their personal battles under the rug. Hopefully Demi Lovato’s battle can be a source of inspiration to other individuals who are facing similar struggles. There are many teenagers and young adults who look to celebrities and their bodies as unattainable ideals. It’s nice to see a celebrity portraying herself as flawed.

In the documentary, Ms. Lovato explains that her life consisted of an endless cycle of touring, recording and filming. The stress involved in always maintaining a perfect image and giving her all creatively eventually wore her down. Eventually, Ms. Lovato had to enter an inpatient treatment center in order to treat her eating disorder symptoms and other mental health issues.  Taking a break from her busy life to seek treatment took courage on Ms. Lovato’s part. Hopefully after watching the documentary, anyone who is dealing with their own struggles with eating disorders will realize that if a celebrity like Demi Lovato can ask for help, they can as well.

While Demi Lovato is clear that she still struggles with her issues, she realizes that she can draw upon her inner strength in order to live a healthier lifestyle. Hopefully Ms. Lovato will get her wish and her documentary will inspire others in need to get help in an eating disorders treatment facility.

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