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Food obsession: Isn't Wonder Woman partially culpable for our eating disorders?

Food Obsession

Have you ever wasted a day of your life asking somebody “do these jeans make me look fat?”, and not even hearing what they said because you didn’t believe them?

Have you  ever wasted a birthday refusing a piece of cake by saying “no thanks, I am on a diet” and then satisfying yourself with a plate of salad?

Have you ever wasted a day feeling bad about yourself because you didn’t look like the cover on some magazine, and go home and take it out on a treadmill?

Have you have ever wasted a day of your life not loving who you are because “somebody else told you not to”, and then crying yourself to sleep at night, because you believed they were right?

Have you ever sat next to a girl on the subway and thought to yourself, why am I not her? And hated yourself all day  because you are not this “tall blonde Swedish goddess?

Have you ever been buying jeans at “Nordstrom Rack” and see the size “0″ so you skip treating yourself to that “vanilla cone with sprinkles” at Yogurtland?

Have you ever been in the supermarket and you see all those magazines with some “skinny ass starlet“ on the cover telling you how you can lose 10 pounds  in 2 minutes, by consuming just water chestnuts for 10 days…, so you ditch the box of pasta and cocoa puffs and hit up the Asian” aisle for a recap?

Have ya had enough…seriously..have ya had e-friggin-nuff of this Bullhonkey?? Have ya..Have ya..Have ya???

Okay then I want you to forget about all of those stupid days spent dealing with food obsession and start taking them all BACK!! Starting RIGHT NOW! One by one start taking each and every wasted moment of “self doubt” back.

Start standing up for what you “Believe in.” Use your voice. and when I say “Voice”, I mean your “I’m at the world Series, the bases are loaded, and my teams about to win” voice. Get up on your kitchen table, your desk, the roof of your house… and SHOUT….”I am not gonna take this “friggin nonsense” anymore … I am gonna live for TODAY…and fight for TOMORROW..God Damnit!!…I am not gonna waste another day of my beautiful life again!!…THE END!!??

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