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Fun Friday: Eating Disorder Life Problems

Fun Friday :)

Have I got a cracker for you.

I just found a brilliant sit called Eating Disorder Life Problems and like ED Treatment Problems and Eating Disorder memes… it’s brilliant! My favourite:

What it’s like to have an eating disorder.


This one is for Fiona:

What starting recovery feels like.

This one is for Greta (it involves a cat):

How I think people watch me eat in public.

This is for Missy, because you handle situations so well!:

“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”.

This one is for Rabbit Hearted Jo, just because I thought it might make you laugh:

In treatment, that one creepy patient.

And this one … is for Fiona again:

How I feel, every second of every day.

What do you guys think of Eating Disorder memes and gifs and generally having a laugh at EDs expense?

You’re welcome.