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Fun Friday: M&S

Fun Friday! Oh how I have missed fun friday.

About a month ago this advert came out for Marks and Spencers…

As soon as this came on TV I noticed the Plus Sized model and was elated. Another plus size range in Marks and Spencers – I have yet to check it out in person, but I’ve had a lookie online; I was quite intrigued. For those of you who don’t know, Marks and Spencers is a department store which is mainly for the older person, but is constantly changing up it’s clothing lines to incorporate all ages. And sizes now, which is brilliant!

Already won over by the Plus Sized model, I looked up the advert on youtube to analyse weight and body shape (obviously) and then I spotted…do mine eyes deceive me? A mature model. Gorgeous, silver-haired, I didn’t even notice she was older until I looked properly!

As this article states, the model’s ages range from 20 to 57 and sizes 8 to 16 (UK). Brilliant, I love this. Diversity for the win.

How do you feel about this advertisement, from weight, age, ethnic origin to fashion?

Hayley Emma