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Fun Friday: Tanya Burr Make-Up

It’s Friday, and we’re making it especially fun today. And by ‘we’re’ I mean … I’m. I don’t want to patronise you, but I’m afraid I’ve already done that…

As I didn’t upload a Fun Friday last week, I thought I’d do 2 Fun posts today.  The crazy is just off the scale right now.

So I’m a huge fan of make-up. Especially within the last year I’d say. I watch a fair few make-up tutorial videos on YouTube and I love getting new products, trying out new things, and on a side note which I’ll talk about another day, I find putting on make-up distracting when I want to binge.

I’ve followed Tanya Burr since I fell in love with her Audrey Hepburn tutorial. Since it was posted in April that hasn’t been so long, but I went back and watched a lot of her videos: she is one fantastic make-up artist.

But this is Fun Friday, and the video that had me laughing a lot was this. Enjoy!

My favourite line: “There are apples all over our faces.”

You’re welcome.