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Get to Know Me!

calmanacI had so much fun being interviewed by Patricia Kirby for The Art Therapy Blog on using expressive arts for treating folks with eating disorders and body dissatisfaction, I thought you may enjoy some of my answers! Trigger Warning I am asked what my favorite food is in one of the questions.

I am also the month of February’s Guest Pinner for WEGO Health!   You can find me on WEGO’s  Women’s Health Pinboard!  Honestly, I have never been a pinner before, punner, yes!  Pinner?  Not so much.  I still have no idea what the real deal is with Pinterest but I

Pin-up for February

Pin-up for February

figured I learned LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Digg, Stumbledupon, and Tumblr…I can do this!  So here is my first pin for February!

(And before anyone else can say it…I am proud to be a PIN-up!)

Til Next Time!

Dr. Deah


Healthy Weight Blog Award

Healthy Weight Blog Award