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Girl in Bloom

I haven't posted in Anorexics Who Cook in nearly a month now. It's not because I have suddenly lost interest in "my child" as it were, this distance is because after relying on AWC as an outlet for over a year and half I am finding it time to reassess my identity. A large part of this paradigmatic shift is deciding where exactly my eating disorder fits in and how much attention I am willing to dedicate to it. Anorexics Who Cook was a necessary step, but I'm ready for something different now; I am ready to look at the world a student, a young woman out in the world on her own, a traveller, a coffee-shop-goer, a bike-path-user, a library-lover. This doesn't mean that anorexia will not come up in my new blog (Girl in Bloom), it is after all a defining factor in how I see the world, but it will no longer be my focus. I find myself in a new state, on a new campus, among a whole new group of people and I'm am moving with the hope that I will explore what the world has to offer. Girl in Bloom will be a place for random musings, drawn out rants, political commentaries, stories from hard days, stories from hopeful days and everything in between. Here's to the end of one project and the beginning of a new one. Here's to the next step on my blogging adventure!