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Girlfriend.. you got such a dirty mind part II: Shake What Your Momma Gave You

Shake what your momma gave youIf you had a nickel for every time you ever had a negative thought about yourself, you could probably pay someone to walk around and knock you upside the head every time it happened again.

Oh P diddy would have nothing on you.

Weight Obsession Disorders

I shutter to think about how much time I have spent thinking about the size of my thighs, the tag on the inside of my jeans, the number on the scale, and what I was and was not going to digest that day. I bet if I added all those seconds, minutes, and hours up it would equal about half of my lifetime.

Ironic too, because that is just about the amount of time I spent living in that space where my body was the enemy, and my mind was it’s  accomplice.

Shakespeare once said that “All the world’s a stage.” If the old Bard was right, then why does it seem like every woman I know is giving themselves such bad lines? I think that it is time you began rehearsing a new play in your head. In other words “flip the script”.

Nobody wants to sit through a bad performance so why not start giving yourself some good reviews.

Alright, this might be the part of my blog that you stop reading because you think this sounds just a little too “fairy godmother.” You’re thinking that it’s too late for that, and that no magic wand is going to take away the way you see or feel about your body.

I’m here to tell you there is and it takes practice. Practice may not make perfect, but it’s going to help you see yourself in a whole new light..the Spotlight!

One of my favorite techniques is the STOP sign.

Every time you have a negative thought about your body I want you to picture a Giant STOP Sign!! (mine happens to be Pink and Bedazzled, but you get the point).

Anyway, when that negative thought for example, “I’m… fat, ugly, gross, flabby, wrinkly, too big, too small, bumpy, lumpy, inside out, and upside down” come up, picture that STOP sign immediately and then divert your mind to something positive about your body. Example, I have… Pretty eyes, great smile, cute toes, soft skin, straight teeth and an adorable dimple on my chin.

It takes some getting used to, but if you train your mind to put that STOP Sign up it starts to get you to recognize the bad and concentrate on the good.

                                                                             stop weight obsession

Also, ask yourself this question.

“Is this really about my body, or is it something external?

For instance lets say you get a flat tire, do you immediately start thinking your a fat loser? Your boss yells at you, and you suddenly look down and feel like you ass has grown by a meter.

You’re feeling really lonely, so suddenly your nose is too big, your breasts are too small, or you lips are too thin.

Studies have shown that women who were unsatisfied with their career or relationship tended to report more negative body thoughts then women who were content in those areas.

Something that really helped me was “learning to appreciate my body.” I focus more on what my body can do rather then how it looks. For example..I used to hate my thighs, but now I am grateful for them. I love my legs because they enable me to be a good runner and a beautiful dancer. If you don’t like your eyes, think about how they enable you to see. If you don’t like your face, think about how it feels when you put it in the sun, or how it feels when your children kiss you goodnight.

Finally…”Work what you got!”

Don’t compare yourself to everybody else, because you will never be anybody but you. That means you might as well be the best you can be.

Focus on all you have, and all you can offer this world. Hold your head high, walk tall and strut your stuff.

You most magnetic feature is your confidence, and your attitude.

So go ahead…give yourself some compliments, it’s totally OK, and if you do it enough, you will feel like you rule the world. Now go go go Pretty girls…go find your Crown!

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