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Health At Every Size

Did you know that last week was the Binge Eating Disorder Association's First Annual Weight Stigma Awareness Week?  Either did I, which is why I'm posting about it now.  This gives us plenty of time to prep for next year!
In light of this, I'd like to share Dr. Deb Burgard's recent piece on Health Speech.  Burgard is a key player in the Health At Every Size and Association for Size Diversity and Health movements.  
It never ceases to amaze me how medical doctors will often tell heavy people to lose weight, even when the patient shows no objective signs of disease.  At the same time, the significantly underweight, eating-disordered patient will often fly under the radar, reporting that she's never discussed her eating disorders with her primary care provider who has, in turn, never asked about her about her low weight.  
I hope that by promoting these movements we can move toward a place of greater size acceptance and can refocus agendas and efforts on health, rather than weight.