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Holiday Book Contest!

It's hard to believe that my book has been out for six months. For almost eight years, I toiled away on this blog, and then, this past June, the book finally came to print.

In celebration of this half-year publication mark, and in keeping with the holiday spirit, I am going to give away two signed copies of Does Every Woman Have an Eating Disorder? to my loyal readers. It's this community that inspired me to write the book and that continues to motivate me to post regular content on this blog.

To enter the contest, either email me privately (drstaceyny at gmail dot com) or comment below with your DEWHAED New Year's resolution. No diet talk, no rigid exercise plans, no weight-loss promises - only body-positive, revamped resolutions that promote eating in peace and accepting/respecting yourself. No resolution is too small or too big - just an intention to create a healthier relationship with food or your body.

The deadline for resolutions is 12/22. Winners will be selected at random that week, and the books should arrive around the new year. In celebration of good health. . .

Fine print: Please enter the contest only once. For those who submit via email, please include your mailing address so that I can send you a book if you win. If you submit via comment, be sure to send me a follow-up email with your mailing address. By submitting a resolution, you authorize DEWHAED to post your anonymous response. 

You can find Does Every Woman Have an Eating Disorder? Challenging Our Nation's Fixation with Food and Weight on Amazon (as a paperback and Kindle) and at