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How you will gain more twitter followers?

Twitter is an online social networking service which provides users the facility to send as well as read short message having maximum 140 characters which is known as tweets. Only the registered users can read and post tweets whereas the unregistered users can only read the tweets. Users can access twitter through the website interface, mobile device application or SMS. San Francisco based twitters Inc. has over twenty five offices through the world. However, more twitter followers are essential because the valued followers will view your tweets and may be made your fans.


Twitter was created at first in March 2006 and the name of the creators was Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, Evan Williams and Noah Glass. Twitter launched in July, 2006. As it is most essential networking service, it is acquired worldwide popularity very quickly. There are over 100 million users who posted 340 million tweets per day in the year 2012. This online service also conducted 1.6 billion search queries per day in the year 2013.

Twitter was one of the best visited websites among ten most well-known websites. It is also described as the SMS of Internet. Twitter has over 500 million users among which more than 284 million are active users. Twitter has very different kind of users like police, investing officer, legal professional, students etc. You have to know how to use twitter.

The more twitter followers you have, the more you will be gainer and you will be familiar to more people online. Different social media sites have different users advantage and strengths. Twitter is also called a real time social networking site. It is the place wherein the information is shared.

Through twitter it is possible to connect with other in real time and very often resulting in lasting the friendships as well as contacts when you publish yourself through twitter then more twitter followers will be interested to read your information and they will make your friend.