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One day you finally have Enough!!…and you know what you have to do.
Despite the “Voices” around you “shouting bad advice”, …”burning a hole inside your head”…you simply…”LET GO”!!
Your hands trembling, your knees weak, you clear your throat and grasp to hear yourself speak what your mind has been whispering to you for so many years.
You hold your head high, you break free from all those emotional chains and you find your voice! From this point on,you begin to shout…”MEND MY EFFING LIFE”!!
This is “How”,this is “Why”, and this is “Where” it all “Begins”.
When you are finally able to take back all the control that escaped you, you drop all that excess baggage right then and there and realize that you are not a little girl anymore…you are a woman.
It is that woman inside of you, who tells you to defy ignorance and to embrace life. She challenges you to repel self doubt and to kick the impossible inside out! She encourages you to push for self-acceptance and to never rely on anybody else to make you feel worthwhile. She whispers to you to be poised and to speak with grace…and then screams at you to stand up for what you believe and conquer those who stand in your way.
And  then one day that woman inside of you finally realizes that she is totally confident with who she was, not because she is perfect, but because she is real.. She chooses not to define herself by her imperfections, but to rather embrace them, because this is what makes her unique. She accepts her body as the only one she has, and then she vows she will put it to good use, especially her heart. At last that woman looks into a mirror and without batting an eyelash smiles and says I am going to conquer the world…one little step at a time!

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