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Indiana's Newest Resident

I got here safe and sound - it's just my dad and I in Columbus now while SuperMum and Jane stay in Wausau to sell the house and finish up the school year. This is almost surreal. I'm in a huge old house right downtown (it's literally right across the street from the library), yet I'm completely alone. I don't mean this in a negative way, I'm just adjusting to the fact that aside from my dad I have met only a handful of people here, none of whom are anywhere near my age. I'll deal with meeting people and finding my niche as time goes on, for now here's a quick update on the move:

- I'm totally unpacked.
- I planted a dwarf sunflower from the Farmer's Market in out garden today. I've seen such a darling plant before; while a sunflower stands about six to eight feet tall, the dwarf is full grown at about six inches. I can even see my lovely little plant from my bedroom window as well as from the kitchen. I'll include a picture in an a more substantive post.
- The Columbus Running Club will be a great way to meet people and to learn my way around. I ran about 6.5 miles with them yesterday morning and really enjoyed it. It's not at all intimidating or overly competitive - just runners from all different backgrounds who get together a few times a week.
- Since only half of our belongings have been moved down here so far (the other half are back in Wausau with Jane and Mum) the kitchen is a bit challenging. I'm still figuring out how to cook effectively with our arrangement of pots, pans and knives. Tonight I cooked with a gas stove for the first time - I made rice, roasted asparagus (delicious) and chicken seasoned with salt, pepper and time.

That's it for tonight.