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Intentions for 2012

I tried to write a year end post, but it was an incoherent (and relatively sappy) mess, so instead I'm writing a brief statement of intent for the year to come. I intend to avoid inpatient treatment and I intend to stay in school. A year ago I would have viewed these as minimalistic goals undeserving of room in cyberspace. Today I know a little better what my eating disorder is capable of. I understand that in the space of a few short, obsessive months my weight and awareness of the situation can plummet leaving me with no option but to abandon the life that most 20 year olds would recognize for the hospital, which is really no life at all.I intend to be honest and to remind myself often of the progress I've made over the past months - these will be my best tools as I begin a new year and continue to sort through the challenges presented by recovery and young adulthood.