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Is it possible to manage vitiligo at home?

You must have heard of vitiligo. It is when white patches start appearing on your skin. It is not a rare disease. About 1.5% of the population has it. Even though many people get affected by it, no vitiligo cure has been found yet. Most of these people rely on medical and surgical procedures for treatment and management of this disease. However, these treatments generally take a lot of time of your routine life, which leads to frustration in the long run when you are not able to spend time with your loved ones. Also, some of the treatments have a very high risk of serious side effects. That’s why some of the people feel that it is better to manage the disease at home. Obviously, the results will not be very quick, but you will also not get any frustration or side effects. So, let’s see how you can manage vitiligo at home.
There are a couple of methods that have been proved to be helpful for restoration of skin. Some of these home-made vitiligo treatment are mentioned below.

1. The first method uses radish seeds and vinegar. Take about 40 grams of pounded radish seeds and soak them in vinegar for a few hours. This will create a paste. Apply this paste to the white patches on your skin. Let it dry and then remove it.
2. Soak turmeric in water in 1:8 ratios. Now boil it until the volume gets to half. Cool off the paste and apply it to the white patches twice a day. Doing this for 2 to 3 months will give you great results.
3. Walnuts can also be very helpful. So, eat walnuts daily. You can also make a paste using water and apply it to the affected areas of your skin.