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Every January, for the past 3 years I have posted this video on my Facebook page.  Each year I hope it will be obsolete.  Each year I DREAM it will be my last and I will get flooded with emails, texts (and now tweets ) begging me to,

“Drop it already Dr. Deah that’s old news!!!  It doesn’t happen anymore. Move on to another cause.”

With Healthy Weight Week around the bend on January  15th and little change to be noticed, I find myself in the position to once again post this classic video from the Tri Delta folks.

I am not saying that this year has been void of remarkable strides in the size acceptance and HAES (sm) communities.  Thanks to the hard work of the following people and organizations:  NAAFA, About FaceThe Body Positive, ASDAH, NORMAL, Fierce Freethinking Fatties, Linda Bacon, Paul Campos, Darryl Roberts, Jon Robinson, Jay Solomon, Judy Matz, Ellen Frankel, Ragen Chastain, Golda Poretsky, Marilyn Wann, Kim Brittingham, Frances Berg, Joanne Ikeda,


(ooops, they are playing the, “Get her off the stage before she starts thanking everyone in the academy by name music”)


fabulous inroads were made into the most ossified institutions including:  media, fashion, health and big pharm.    But as the recent ad campaign in Georgia  illustrates, we still have a long way to go.

What is great about this Tri Delta video, is how it reminds us that we don’t need to be visible or esteemed enough to infiltrate the news, magazines, or  halls of congress to make a difference.  Any activist knows that changing other people’s minds is difficult and most of the times impossible.  As Ragen Chastain of Dances with Fat says,

“I can explain it to you but I can’t make you understand.”

Activists also know there are changes we can make on our own that may cause a ripple effect and eventually a wave, and ultimately a CONSTRUCTIVE tsunami of attitudinal adjustment in this society.

In the spirit of throwing that first pebble in the water, I ask you to please take a moment and watch this video.  Even if you’ve seen it before, consider it a booster shot and go into the New Year loving your body, nurturing your body, and not taking crap from nobody about your body.

And maybe in January, 2013 I won’t have to post this again?

I can dream can’t I?