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KRAs for a business plan consultant

Engaging the services of a business plan writer will help you avoid the most common pitfalls in starting a new business and fast track the gestation phase of your business, allowing you to hit the ground running. Read on to know more about a list of requirements that your business plan consultant will help you with when creating that killer of a business plan.

Look and feel
A business plan writer can help you polish your business plan appearance with a professional look and presentation. They can help you summarize your proposal with a well written executive summary that brings out the best of your idea upfront for the reader
Background information and analysis
You need to collect and present a lot of background information like market segmentation and competitor analysis to showcase your understanding of the industry. A business plan consultant can make that task easier for you by leveraging his/ her experience and contacts in the expert community to help you quickly fill in the gaps there.
Operating model
You might have a great idea and superb understanding of the industry. But you might be a little short of experience in actually running a business and the day to day management of an enterprise. A business plan writer can help you get up to speed with a operations plan highlighting the logistics of the operation, the task of each division within the organization and capital and expense requirements of the operation.

Financial model
You might not have the requisite accounting knowledge to setup a financial model that details the backbone of any business plan: the three statements, namely, profit and loss account, cash flow statement and the balance sheet. Your business plan writer can help in creating these.
Supporting documents
As you go through each phase of setting up a business, there are myriad permissions, permits and go-aheads that you require from various agencies. Your business plan consultant should help you maintain and track a list of supporting documents that will help you get those permissions and cut short the wait time at the same time. These can be your resume, tax returns for the last three years, copy of lease documents, contracts with suppliers and vendors, etc.