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Men and eating disorders

Eating disorders don't discriminate

One of the
most common misconceptions about eating disorders is that they only effect
women. On the contrary eating disorders, in the forms of anorexia and bulimia
effect 1 million men in the USA and 68.3 million men age 20 and older are overweight or obese due
to compulsive overeating.

has holds open meetings of Overeaters Anonymous to  the public. Both women and men alike have
attended regularly for support (*The Victorian also offers closed meetings for
women.) Men with eating disorders suffer from the same mental disorders and
that women suffer from. The Victorian believes eating disorders are
an addiction
and treat them as such. If a man is experiencing an eating
he may have the genetic disposition to an addiction like  alcoholism,  an eating disorder,  drug addiction, gambling, sex addiction etc…

To find out
more information about the meetings held at The Victorian please call (949)
279-1632 and to find meetings just for men please visit the website for
Overeaters Anonymous at: