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NEDAwareness Week Day 6: Shadows



Secrecy is an eating disorders greatest tool.  The shadows begin to creep in until a person is so far covered even they do not know which way is up.  I think about how I fight to remain afloat in my life.  I fight daily to defeat the darkness.  Below is a poem I wrote about secrecy and the pain it brings.  How some days I feel I am on top of the world and ready to show the world how joyous and happy I am.  But there are other days I feel suppressed, scared, and alone.  Take a Leap today and see where your shadows lie and discover where your light is.


Shadows come and shadows go

High noon rises and they disappear

But soon…again

From here to


I’m covered

The shadow comes again

LEFT it comes first

Then on the RIGHT

I look and see darkness; yet my voice

Shouts           Cries             Wimpers

once more


Short and long; wide and narrow

The light diffracted from my






                                    Away from me they bend

Towards me they curve

I am told it is a true reflection

My soul revealed and dirty

but it’s


I don’t see it and I accept

The lies, the darkness and the sorrow

So I ask, Where is my