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News of The Day

1. I met Charles Osgood today! Yes, I actually chatted with the host of CBS Sunday Morning.

2. I went for a long exploratory walk and was stranded out in the rain. I was about two miles from home at the time; needless to say, when I got back to the apartment I was drenched.

3. Once my dad is done at work we are heading to a tapas restaurant for dinner. It's just a few blocks away and, from what I've read, have quite a few gluten-free offerings. I'm a little nervous, as always, about eating out, but I'm excited to report that the anxiety is not overwhelming.

4. I'm on my way to Bloomington tomorrow to tour the campus and begin to get acquainted with the town. I'm really looking forward to this adventure. It will help eliminate a few more of those irksome and nerve-racking unknowns.

5. I now have a Bartholomew county library card. I'm irrationally excited about this new development.

6. I joined the Columbus Running Club today! I'll be running with them tomorrow evening.

7. Did I mention that I met Charles Osgood today?