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Noteworthy News

To sound like the stereotypical, self-absorbed, teenaged blogger, let me begin by saying that I thought I had given up on "love." No, I'm not talking about Edward Cullen or Justin Beiber, I'm talking about allowing myself to fall in love with a university. Let me come clean about this on the world wide web: GW never was a dream school, it just happened to be in Washington DC which blinded me to its many shortcomings. I visited GW in late August of 2008 and no one went out of their to be helpful or welcoming or even answer my most basic questions. Why the Hell this didn't matter to me at the time is a mystery. As I said earlier, I pulled the wool over my own eyes on that one. I'm done dwelling and beating myself up for this (rather large, expensive and confusing) mistake. I've applied as a transfer student to The University of Minnesota, Indiana University and Marquette University for the Fall; Marquette offered a nice merit scholarship so Supermum and I drove down to visit the campus today. I was excited, yet guarded with my enthusiasm. The experience blew me away. Everyone was helpful. I actually mean that every person I talked to whether in the financial aid office or admissions or where ever. People were so willing to help, to talk about the programs and opportunities Marquette has to offer and to ask me questions about my interests. The campus itself is right in the city, but it's small and intimate at the same time. The professors are required to teach their classes and undergraduates are encouraged to research and study independently. Don't even get me started on the library! Ok, yes please's awesome. Not only is it the perfect environment for studying, it's pretty (something no GW building can claim to be).
I'm simply elated. I've found an intellectual community that is welcoming and actually excites me. I have spent months worrying that I would end up transferring to a school nearby just because it was affordable and close to home, not because it was "where I belong," so to speak. Well, I've found a school that is willing to work with my unique financial situation and made me feel like I could explore and become the student I aspire to be. It feels so good to be excited about school again. It also makes recovery more meaningful...I get it Mum, I can't go to school it I can't eat.

Let me end with a few tidbits of news:

- Anorexics Who Cook has been picked up by two online news organizations. The RSS feed is now republished to and I'm overjoyed to have my work available to a wider audience. I am also, naturally, a little apprehensive. I've been honest about recovery thus far, more honest than I expected myself to be at the get go. I do not wish to hold back in light of this new readership; in order for blogging to be the release that it has been for the past year I will strive to continue to be both candid and natural in my writing. Bear with me, I'm a little self-conscious knowing that my blog is being read by a new audience, but I'll quickly adjust and be back to writing more substantive ED-related posts.