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One Eventful Day of Travel

I woke up at 3:45am on Saturday morning in Indiana, anticipating that I'd be back in Wausau by noon. I flew from Indy to Minneapolis and began to wait, read Runner's World and play sodoku. As I walk through the airport I start to think that it looks oddly dark and empty...why are all the lights out? Why is Starbucks closed at 8:30 in the morning? I couldn't get to my gate, it was blocked off by orange construction cones and clusters of airport people talking in hushed tones. Turns out that Concourses A, B and C of the MSP had a major power outage and are without generators. So I waited, I had a few hours before my next flight: surely they'll be able to rectify this problem. My watch ticks, I play another sodoku puzzle; another five minutes pass; it's 9:45 and I've already finished eight's going to be a long morning; 10:00, 10:20 there are people sitting all over the floor and leaning on every surface in concourse A, B and C, waiting, their patience waning. 10:35; my plane was supposed to leave now, instead I'm standing in a dark airport with hundreds of other stranded people. I wait for another hour and half, filling in squares of nine and reading about the nutritional benefits of chocolate milk. Finally I wander away to find out more about my flight - it's cancelled: "You'll have to call Delta to see what else you can find." "The next plane to Wausau is scheduled for tomorrow at 5:45pm." That's almost 30 hours from now, I'll take a refund please.
Minor, and much deserved, freakout.
I ended up on a bus to Eau Claire, WI where my mum picked me up at about 5:30pm. Let's just say, by the Supermum and I got back to Wausau, it would have taken less time to drive from Columbus.