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Pampering Instead of Pitying

In preparation for my friend’s wedding, I am pampering myself. I got my nails done for the first time ever today, and they look lovely. I chose to get my nails done properly because I want to make myself feel as brilliant as I can whilst my upper arms are on show. Plus the bride and most of the bridesmaids are getting there’s done professionally, I don’t want to be the odd one out!

And tomorrow I’m getting eyelash extensions so I may flutter my lashes seductively at the groomsmen. What? Like you wouldn’t!

When I walked to the bus stop, I put my shoulders back, held my head high as I suspected people were looking at me, I thought “Well I’m beautiful, why do I give a fuck?”

This project is helping to remind myself that I do have that voice telling me I’m not so bad, I just sometimes lose that voice. But it is there. I just have to keep cheering it on.

What do you do to pamper yourself? And do you ever have to remind yourself that you’re not so bad after all?